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  • How do I download Lola?
    You can download Lola from Google Play Store using this link. After you'll download the App will open, it will ask for a few permissions in order to work properly and then will take you through a quick setup and training, all using voice.
  • Is my device supported?
    If you can see it in your Google Play Store it means your device is supported. If, from some reason, Lola will not work properly on your device, you can always contact us. Of course that in such case you can uninstall Lola and you will be refunded.
  • Why isn't it free?
    In Intu we believe in quality and maintenance. Lola's price is low and it's goal is only to pay for the dev. and maintenace of Lola. We prefer assigning a decent price to it rather than providing an app with annoying ads or an technology that we cannon afford to maintan, develop new features and improve as we go.
  • And if I don't like it. Would I be refunded?
    The short answer is: Yes. We follow Google Play Store Refund Policy. If you decide within 48 hours that you are not satisfied with Lola, simply uninstall it and fill in this form ( and you'll get refunded. After 48 hours, you'll need to contact us with the details. BUT, the most importat thing is: IF you get to this point WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR FEEDBACK, SO WE COULD IMPROVE!
  • What language does Lola Speak?
    Lola speaks English. It means that the commands in the interaction with Lola are in English. HOWEVER: 1. Whenver Lola reads text, it identifies the text's language and uses the right Text to Speech Engine/Language so it is fully Multilingual in this respect. 2. Whenever you dictate/write text messages, search your contact etc. you can choose whatever language you want to use!
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