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About Us


Technology. Accessible.

Intu took the mission to make technology more accessible for people who needs it and/or people who have challenges adopting technology.

As part of the work in Intu we focus on:

  • Assistive Technology: we work with people with different conditions and disabilities. We put the person and her/his needs in the center, build together a tech project around her/him and execute. We select, try and train around different solution and technologies to meet the person's needs and whenever there is no off the shelf solution available, we develop!.

  • Elders Tech Training: we conduct courses about computers, smartphones and internet to elders, while focusing on practice! in order to teach the needed intuitions in order to learn and adopt new technology yourself.

Lola was born as a solution we developed for out clients' needs. Something that we couldn't find any existing product/app out there that covers the need 100%.

Lola aims to fill in for gaps of people with disabilities when using their mobile device. These are things they need/want to do but don’t have a proper solution as part of the mobile device nor the existing voice assistants out there.

Lola Messenger is an SMS Application which enables a full voice control for all the features/offerings in it.

Our vision is to create a tools which fills for the gaps that other existing solutions do not cover, mainly other personal assistants. As such, we are not aiming at replacing Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Bixby and such, but just to serve as the tool to bridge for the gaps these assistants have.


These are mainly around a control of the mobile device, multilingual capabilities and ability to avoid touching the screen completely.

By “Full Voice Control” we mean that:

  • There is nothing that Lola offers which can’t be done by voice, including all the app’s settings.

  • There isn't a single flow which forces the user to also use a tap/fingers in order to complete/continue the flow.

  • There is 100% sound feedback for when an action starts, ends, succeeds etc..


By Multilingual we mean that:

  • When Lola is using Text to Speech in order to read text for for you, it identifies the text's language and uses the right Text to Speech Engine (and language) accordingly. This change is being done automatically and dynamically (Android devices forces you to select a single Active Text to Speech Engine).

  • When you dictate text you can use any language you want

​Lola helps blind, visually impaired, people with hands’ problems: people with no hands, paralysis issues, arthritis, parkinson etc.  
And also, every person who would like multilingual communication capabilities using voice: mainly for using in the car or during a walk.


After helping our clients for a while now, we decided it's about time to make Lola available to the world.


You can read more about Intu in our website (


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