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Examples for Commands

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Say "Hey Lola", "OK Lola" or just "Lola" to get started (You can also tap on the middle of the screen)

Wait for the beep sound before you speak


Say "Speak Slower" or "Speak Faster" to control Lola's speech speed

Say "Call <James Parker> <Mobile>" to make a phone call to <James Parker> Mobile number

Say "Check my Messages" to check for new SMS messages

Say "Check my WhatsApp" to check for new WhatsApp messages

Say "Check my Emails" to check for new Emails

Lola will go over the unread Messages\WhatsaApp\Emails with you and let you choose to whether to read, skip, read again, reply or mark as read

Say "Send a New Message" to compose a new SMS in ANY LANGUAGE you want. You can also search your contact in ANY LANGUAGE you want

Say "Send a Message to <James Parker>" to compose a new SMS to <James Parker> :)


When you dictate a message you can say "new line", "comma", "dot", "question mark", "exclamation mark" and any other punctuation words (in the language you choose! :))

Say "Check my Calendar/Meetings for <any date: today/tomorrow/yesterday/next Monday/specific date etc.>" to check your calendar meetings

Say "Go to Settings" to manage Lola's settings

You can always say "Stop", "Cancel" or "Go back Home" to cancel what Lola is currently  doing

And there is much more.

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